After the Corporate Tax, now the Modi Government is looking at the IT limits and also the living of the Middle class in the country. Taking the Financial crunch and the future of the country, the BJP Government will now reduce the Tax limits for the Individuals especially suiting the Middle class.

The Government has earlier declared the EBC reservations but so far there is no proper implementation of the same. Thre is no one to certify the same.

The Modi Government has already constituted an expert committee to formulate measure for the improvement of the lives of the middle class in particular. The report is ready and Modi would look into the same after coming back from America.

On the other hand, there is chace of conducting polls early, in the name of one nation and one poll. So the BJP Government has already started giving the benefits to the people in Advance.

The Maharashtra polls will indicate the trend and that could pave way for the next general elections and that could be held in 2023. The Modi core team is of the opinion that if the middle class is taken care of, winning the election may not be a big issue.

The Congress is in shambles and there is no alternative to the BJP here in India.