Prime Minister Narendra Modi and CM of Telangana KCR saved many lives said Siddanthi Mulugu Ramalingeshwar Rao. It was the decision of the London that made all the difference to Indians he opined.

The Indians have good resistance power and as they are indoors, the Corona has been restricted from spreading further he stated. He also praised the efforts f KCR in keeping the farming community.

Mulugu said that it was KCR who purchased the Corn crop and no other state did this he explained.

We need not worry on the economy also and assured that Modi the Prime Minister will take care of it and revive it in one years time. KCR was the man who recommended Modi to continue the Lockdown he reminded.

By May second week the situation will improve and we can drive away Corona Mulgu predicted. One must do abhisheka in all the Shiv Temples Mulug suggested.

This will drive away all the evil spirits he said. When compared to foreign countries we are far better and the death rate is also low he stated.