Modi at centre and KCR in the state remain the ultimate authority. They continue and remain unchallenged.

Modi’s purity of purpose remains unquestioned, and he is still the most popular and credible leader in national politics. There is no alternative to TRS and KCR here in Telangana.

KCR said no to national politics and his control over the TRS, too, has intensified if anything, when it became clear that the party owed its victory in all the elections to his strategic and charismatic campaigning.

Modi-KCR remain unchallenged..

The most significant new trend of the year is probably the Congress’ slide to the ‘right’ on the political spectrum both at centre and in the state of Telangana.

Rahul has shifted from Rahim to Ram and it fetched him votes. KCR wants to touch Ram and Rahim in the coming elections and ensure victory for the party.

While the future of Congress remains a question, KCR will be the CM again here in Telangana.

Modi-KCR remain unchallenged..