The central Government has taken a leaf out from the Governance of KCR the Telangana CM in helping the farming community. The BJP Government has decided to grant Rs 6000 per annum to the farmers every year to support him in the agricultural activity. 
The confidence and the image of India has gone up said Piyush Goyal the Interim Minister for Finance. He was presenting the Interim budget here in the parliament today. We are the sixth biggest economy in the world said Piyush. The income of the people must double he opined. The conditions of the banks have been improved he said.
Clean banking is our aim and the construction of the roads has been tripled he explained. The corruption has been reduced and the country is developing at a faster pace he stated.
By 2020 we will see the Navbharat Piyush stated. Power connection has been provided to almost all the villages he explained. Bad debts of 3 lakh crore have been recovered he said. Worlds largest health care Ayushman Bharat has been launched he stated and it covers 15 crore people. Remunerative prices are being provided for the farming community Piyush explained. 
To provide an assured income to the poor and needy farmers a permanent fund is being created. The farmers will get Rs 6000 per annum directly into the accounts. The farmers with less than 2 hectares will get the money directly. 12 crore farmers will get Rs 6000 per annum. This will be from December 2018.