K Kavitha

Nizamabad MP and daughter of KCR, K Kavitha said that the Modi Government has copied the scheme of Telangana Government to appease the farmers. But that was done in the wrong format she said. She was reacting on the Budget presented by Interim Finance Minister Piyush Goel today. Kavitha said that under the Rythu Bandhu scheme the TRS government will pay Rs 10000 per acre per annum. For 5 acres the farmers will get Rs 50000 per annum here in Telangana.

But when it comes to the centre the farmers having under 5 acres of land will get Rs 6000 per annum that too in three instalments which is nothing when compared to the state Government of Telangana.

kavitha the MP suggested that Modi must further refine the scheme and see that the farmer gets enough money for the crop. Rs 6000 is of no use she opined.