MLC Kalvakutla Kavitha saves the life of Gnapika of Prakasham District


An ailing young resident of Kandukur village in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh Gnapika battled for her life after being stuck in the push and pull of geographical boundaries of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. She suffers from a severe C-Spine injury.

After multiple failed attempts from her home state, a cry for help was made on Twitter on 21 April, to timely save the life of Gnapika. Kavitha who was addressed in the tweet wasted no time and immediately started the process of saving one previous life.

Kavitha moved beyond the territorial boundaries and immediately reached out to NIMS, Hyderabad seeking their medical intervention. On Saturday, Gnapika underwent her first surgery. Kavitha also extended financial support to the family of Gnapika and took full responsibilities of her surgery.

In such testing times, instances like these just give hope for a better tomorrow. MLC Kavitha is known for her philanthropic efforts be it her initiative for migrants or those stuck abroad or with helping and supporting families and individuals in distress.