MLAs revolving around KTR


KTR is yet to become the Chief Minister of Telangana. But the MLAs from all the districts are trying to move closer to Taraka Rama Rao so that they can join his cabinet.

There is already a discussion on the formation of Cabinet with youngsters. Some of them are moving closely with Bonthu Rammohan so that he would recommend them for the Ministry.

Some are saying that it will be an election Cabinet. But KTR is a shrewd person and he knows who is who in the Ministry. Some old guards will definitely have their importance.

Talasani Srinivas is a sure shot. Bonthu Ram Mohan will also have a key post. Jubileehills MLA Maganti Gopinath is one of the favourites of KTR.

There is already a cabinet that KTR has already formed his group and the officials have been taking his instruction from this year onwards.

Most of them have met him on the new year and they have congratulated him indirectly.

The officials just act on his tweet that is the power he has. But he is one Minister who always means business and disposes of people in no time.

He is very straight forward and never minces his words or drags a decision. He is crystal clear in his decisions.