Nagarjuna the superstar as a presenter is doing well but the overall reaction is that there is a mixed response from the audience. Salman Khan is the permanent anchor for the Big boss in Hindi and there is huge response for him.

People just want to see Salman Khan and his ability in the program. The Telugu Bib Boss is yet to reach such standards. There should be a permanent anchor for the program.

It was NTR and then Nani. Now they are followed by Nagarjuna. The organisers of the Big Boss 3 are not properly monitoring the script and the response that Nagarjuna is getting for the program.


Some say it is mechanically going on, while others say it is good when compared to the other anchors. But the program as a whole is getting a good response. There is a talk that Rahul and Srimukhi might make it to the finals.

There are allegations that the organisers are indirectly favouring Srimukhi. Her over-enthusiastic behaviour shows it all they say. The scriptwriters are doing their level best, but the lack of spark is evident in some scenes.

The participants who have been eliminated are making allegations that match-fixing was going on in the reality show.