Minister talks about a shootout in Balakrishna’s house

kanna babu

Long ago there was a shootout incident in Balakrishna’s house where a security guard was killed. Producer Bellamkonda the father of Bellamkonda Srinivas was injured and lost a kidney in the shootout.

Balakrishna the Akhanda hero use the pistol and was involved in the shoot out. Jana Reddy was the then Home Minister and Chandrababu the leader of the opposition saved Balakrishna.

The same issue was raised by AP Minister Kannababu now to counter the allegations being made against YS Jagan the CM. Kannababu said that the so-called people who are talking against Jagan and YSRC Government are also involved in cases.

Chandrababu is also involved in several cases where the CBI summoned him earlier. Balakrishna is also involved in murder cases and later he escaped out of them. Kannababu wanted Babu to answer as to how 30 people were killed during Pushkarams for the Godavari.

Lokesh who is making allegations in the name of Vivekas murder must know about his uncle Balakrishna he reminded. Kannababu ridiculed that before making allegations against others, Lokesh must know about his father and also uncle.

Both Balakrishna and Chandrababu are involved in cases he reminded. Meanwhile, Balakrishna is on a high with the super-duper success of his Akhanda trailer directed by Boyapati.