Min Srinivas loses Platinum bangle

minister srinivas goud

Minister for sports and Tourism Srinivas Goud has lost his platinum Kadiyam (bangle ) from his hand. He was giving selfies to his fans and friends yesterday in a function.

Later he found that he has lost his platinum kada from his hand which he considers very lucky. Somebody has robbed its successfully. Srinivas became furious over his security people and demanded that must get it back at any cost.

The police so far did not register any formal complaint about the issue. They are very apprehensive that they will not able to recover the said Kada which is very sentimental to him.

The enquiry is on but so far the police are clueless over the theft of the Kada. Srinivas is very upset that the police could not control or monitor the crowd around him which has led to the theft of his lucky Kada.

It was not definitely removed over the hand. The thief must have used a cutter for robing it. The Minister also announced a gift of Rs one lakh if the Kada returned back to him.

The Kada should be worth more than a lakh as it is made of Platinum. So no one would return it is the conclusion being given by the police.