MIM Chief Asaduddin blames YSRC and TDP


Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has alleged that the AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi is hand in glove with the BJP. He contests to divide the vote so that the BJP comes to power.

But Owaisi charges that the TDP and the YSRC are having an unholy alliance with the BJP. Even in Telangana political parties blame each other for being friendly with the BJP.

The Congress says TRS is having a back door alliance with the BJP. Finally all the parties blame each other for having a truck with the BJP. All said and done the Congress is losing the base in many states.

The MIM is gaining strength in many states from the grassroot level. MIM is contesting the election in Bengal also. Right now Oawisi is in Andhra Pradesh for the Municipal elections.

Here Owaisi charged that Jagan and Chandrababu are hand in glove with the BJP at the centre. Owaisi, may not agree with the allegations, but the reality is that with the division of the votes, the BJP is winning in many areas and the Congress is losing many seats.

There is a talk that the MIM chief is toying with the idea of forming a front with the likely minded parties against the BJP. Earlier KCR also had the same idea.

But the Federal Front could not happen as BJP could get more than 300 seats in the last election.