Men must learn this

Men must learn this

Cooking is an art. It’s happiness. It’s what binds people together. It’s also the way to the heart.

So, men, take your cooking caps, for it’s time to make way into your woman’s heart. Call the lady of your life and ask them to teach to you. It’s that simple.

Knowing what to say, when to say and how to say is pure golden. Now here’s what you can do. Observe the lady. Look at her ability to use the language. Learn from her, boy or sir.

Men must learn this

From a very young age, most women are taught how to adjust. From little things on curbing our wishes for men’s benefit to what we’d like to do when we step out of home – women are made to adjust. For once, step into her shoes. See what she goes through, how she feels.

It’s easy to talk about sacrifice, but to go through sacrifice is a whole new ball game. Fathers don’t give up thriving career for babies. Mothers do.
Men don’t leave homes when married. Women do.

So step up and don’t hesitate to sacrifice when someone you love needs it.