The first lady Melania and Ivanka the daughter of USA President Donald Trump were maha impressed about the hospitality that they got in India. They tweeted that Pm Modi Narendra Modi has arranged a very good traditional welcome for them.

They were very much impressed at the crowd that has gathered at the stadium.They also talked about the people who lined up all along from the Airport to the Stadium. Melania also was happy that she had the time to talk to the children at the school in Delhi.

She was impressed with the performance of the children who danced to various tunes and also hugged her. Even after two days of the visit the ladies are talking about the way they were treated in India.

Overall they are of the opinion that it was a success story for them in India. Melania has tweeted in praise of India and also Primeminister Modi.

While America is impressed India is angry with Modi that there was no law and order in Delhi during Trump visit and people died in the violence.

The dead bodies are still being recovered there in the slums of Delhi. The police are being blamed for the same and new Commissioner of police has been appointed for Delhi.