We have heard 30 years of industry dialogue in the film industry, but from now on it is 40 years industry that we will get to know. Yes Chiranjeevi the megastar has completed 40 years successfully in the Telugu film industry. Chiranjeevi was a failure in politics with Praja Rajyam. But when it comes to film industry he is uncrowned king. There is no alternative to his Style and work.Right now he is busy with Syera Narsimha Reddy movie. Chiranjeevi started his career with Punadirallu. His father was constable by profession.

Chiranjeevi had no godfather and worked with great determination and discipline. After the Big NTR, Chiranjeevi can be called as the Legend. He has completed 40 years in the industry and there is a long way to go. In the long run of 40 years, he has generated some more heroes within the family. A dozen members from the mega family are now working in movies. Allu Arjun is a successful hero from the family. Chiranjeevi before rising to fame worked with all the directors and heroes in the industry.

He married the daughter of popular comedian, Allu Ramalingaih. Chiranjeevi has completed 150 movies so far and the success rate is about 80 per cent. Now his son Ram Charan is a hero and also a producer. Allu Aravind the mega-producer is also related to Chiranjeevi. Naga babu his brother is also an actor and a producer. The other brother Pawan Kalyan is also an actor and a politician who lost miserably with his Janasena in the recent election. Chiranjeevi is a synonym to hard work and is a non-controversial person in the industry. Let us hope the megastar will continue for another 40 years in the industry like Amitabachchan.