Mega family loses all the way!


The filmi people have given a severe drubbing to the Mega family. When it comes to elections the people in general and the film people, in particular, are rejecting the mega family.

Chiranjeevi was a big flop with his Praja Rajyam. He joined the Congress party but could not get any votes for the party. Now he supported Prakash Raj and the MAA members rejected his appeal.

Naga Babu also received severe drubbing from the MAA members. He resigned from the membership. Pawan Kalyan the self-styled Jana Sena leader was also rejected by the people of AP.

The people and especially the Film fraternity have recognised that the Mega family members are just self-centred people coming out in the name of Public Seva.

They will not spend for free and nothing comes free from the Mega family. MAA members treated Prakash Raj as an outsider and they rejected it. He stated that the Telugu Bidda Manchu Vishnu has won.

But both the teams exhibited utmost restraint during the results and that was praiseworthy. Now we have to see if Manchus will construct the MAA building.