Mega family leaves Prakash Raj in the lurch


So far Chiranjeevi the self-proclaimed God Father of the Telugu Film Industry did not open his mouth in support of Prakash Raj. Prakash Raj in open wanted Chiranjeevi, Krishna Raju and Nagarjuna to talk about the Postal Ballots.

In one press briefing, Prakash said that he is not dependent on the Industry peddalu as they have to question them in the future for getting things done.

Prakash said that he is fighting on his own and will not ask for the support of elders which is a wrong statement. That will definitely irk the elders of the industry.

Whereas Vishnu is seeking the support of the elders and going in the right direction. The way Prakash wept yesterday in front of the media shows that he has already lost the election.

Srikanth also added that there was no point in contesting this election. Rajasekhar also met Mohan babu in person. Naresh said that the Prakash panel members are fighting among themselves.

Nagababu just pushed Prakash into the election and after that no family member of Chiranjeevi supported him.

This shows that Vishnu is confident and Prakash is in doubt. Now it is an election with a ballot paper and no one need not have any objections.