Chiranjeevi, Ramcharan and some family members who went to attend a funeral this morning has lucky escape from the honey bees. It was the funeral of Kamineni Umapathi Rao the retired IAS officer that the daily members attended.

Observing physical distance and earning masks the family members attended the last rites of Umpathi Rao as the Kaminneni family is related to the Mega family.

Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan were just whisked away by the security people when the honey beers attacked them. They were taken into the house immediately by the security people.

Chiranjeevis Family

There was a swarm of honey bees that attacked the family members when the dead body of Umpathi was brought outside from his house. But all of them were very lucky and no one was attacked by the swarm of bees.

The incident occurred in Domakonda. Empathy belongs to the Domakonda Gadi it is reported.