Marriages in trouble due to Corona!


There are only a few good Muhurthams for marriage this year. But due to Corona, the process has become cumbersome. As only 50 people are allowed the marriages are going Hitech and online.

The invitations are sent via SMS. The relatives are asked to watch the marriage online and then send the gift in the form of money to the bank account of the Bride and bridegroom.

The people are coming PP kits for the marriage. A small intimate wedding with masks on the virtual medium is the order of the day. Some of them are postponing the marriages while some others who have paid in advance for the food and big halls are losing the advance money in the name of bookings.

Some people who can afford are shifting the venue and state to avoid the restrictions. Only lunch and brunch weddings with limited guests are being done.

There are no marriages with dinner due to the night curfews. The Coronavirus is not only killing the people, but it is also killing the marriage business.

The transport, the food, the band Baja, the decoration, the marriage halls and the flower business are affected due to Corona. The purohits are also losing their livelihood as the marriages are being cancelled and postponed from time to time in the name of Corona.

So online marriages are the order of the day. Watch it online and send your blessings online. Most of the weddings that were to be held in the next couple of months have been postponed to the later part of the year.

while 55% of couples who were to get married in the second quarter of the year are still in hope of things getting better soon and are making little or no change to their plans while the rest 45% have postponed or cancelled their wedding for now.

The same situation was there last summer also due to Corona.