Marakkar movie review: Flop show


Perhaps it looks like the director has failed Mohanlal in Marakkar movie. The movie was released with a lot of hype and expectations by Suresh Productions. But it fell flat on its face.

There is no roaring of this Lion. The so-called sea lion failed to Roar. Mohanlal has done justice to his role, but the tempo could not sustain till the end. It looked as if the actors are coming and going and the characters are not getting sustained and there is nothing for them to prove.

Mohanlal fans will get disappointed with this movie. The visual effects are good and the music is also Ok. But the director Priyadarshan has lost somewhere in the movie and could not sustain it.

The language dubbing is also an issue and in some places, it went wrong. When compared to the film Akhanda which was released yesterday, Marakkar is nowhere and you can ignore this movie even though it is from Mohanlal.