Manyam Puli of Mohanlal is OK

Puli Murugan was one film which was a huge hit in Malayalam. The film has been dubbed as Manyam Puli in Telugu.

Puliyooru is a small village which falls under a dense and deadly man-eating tiger area. Things often get tensed as many kids and people keep getting killed by the Tigers living around it.

On the other hand, Kumar(Mohan Lal) is the only man in the village who is capable of fighting the Tigers with his deadly skills. As time passes by, Kumar who is also a lorry driver gets engrossed in a drug case and is forced to leave the village which is already in huge danger.

Manyam Puli of Mohanlal is OK

Action sequences and thrills are the biggest highlights of this flick. There are three terrific sequences involving the Tiger and Mohan Lal which have been designed on a superb note.

The complete credit should go to director Vysakh for showcasing Mohan Lal in such a stunning way. Right from his mass scenes to directing him in the action episodes, the director has done a very clever job as the action episodes never look over the top keeping Mohan Lal’s personality and age in mind.

Manyam Puli of Mohanlal is OK

Kamaleni Mukherjee does a decent job in her role. Jagapathi Babu is apt in his role and does not have much to do in the film. The first half if pretty decent and maintains a good pace.

Manyam Puli has some of the best visuals in the recent times. The forests shown and the way scenes are set in a realistic tone bring a huge depth to the film. Camera work by Shaji Kumar is just amazing and the dense jungle and all the hero elevation scenes have been shown in an awesome way.

Coming to the director Vysakh, the young man should be credited for pulling off an adventure cum commercial film .

Manyam Puli of Mohanlal is OK

Manyam Puli worked mainly in Malayalam because of some stunning thrills and Mohan Lal’s massy act which is at its peak here. But from the Telugu audience point of view, this film can be only watched for some amazing thrills now and then.

Director : Vysakh
Producer : Krishna Reddy
Music Director : Gopi Sunder
Starring : Mohanlal, Kamalini Mukherjee, Jagapati Babu
Rating : 3/5