How many movies on NTR ?

The name NTR has lot of energy. When Balaiah his son, actor and MLA started talking about a movie on NTR so many people are coming forward to do this movie.

When it comes to the role of Hero it is his Balakrishna , there is no second thought about it. Lokesh the son of Chandrababu is with the movie being made by Balaiah babu. Of course this will have positive attitude towards Babu , and it will not show him as a back stabber. While Babu claims he saved the party from the clutches of Lakshmi Parvathi the second wife of NTR.

How many movies on NTR ?

Now Lakshmi Parvathi says she will write the script for NTR movie as she has done a biogrpahy work on the late NTR being with him for so many years and as his second wife. She says both Balaiah and also RGV who is trying to direct the movie are a waste.

Now story from RGV side. Who will agree with RGV for NTR movie is a different question. But Parachuri brothers can give a good script as they traveled with big NTR for several movies and Raghavendra Rao knows him from Adavi Ramudu days.
Ofcourse as a son Balakrishna has no alternative .

How many movies on NTR ?

There will be 3 stages of NTR in the movie. There is a talk that Balaiah son might also be included in the movie. Some other also suggest the name of junior NTR as he exactly looks like the elder NTR his grandfather.

It has to be seen what will Balaiah decide in the end. Of course no one will bother to listen or include Lakshmi Paravathi . She has been already sidelined long ago. People feel the movie will be useful for the next elections that is 2019.

This will add to defuse the popularity of Janasena and its leader Pawan Kalyan.