Many doubts on the CBI investigation: Viveka murder case


Advocates and people, in general, are having many doubts about the way the CBI is investigating the murder case of former MP Vivekananda and the cases against Jagan Mohan Reddy the AP CM.

There is a talk that the CBI is fixing the case in such a fashion that the real culprits who ordered the supari will go scott free. The way CBI has been postponing in filing the arguments before the court shows it all they say.

The case was pending for the last two years. Now after a complaint from Vivekas daughter in Delhi, they are trying to fix the case. Why Jagan is not influencing the police, CID and CBI to complete the investigation is another issue.

There is also a talk that an MP close to Jagan was behind this murder. But so far no one questioned the MP. Vijay Sai Reddy another MP gave a statement that Viveka died due to a heart attack.

Vijay Sai was not touched by the CBI so far. The CBI has transferred an officer who was investigating the case at a faster pace.

Sunil Yadav of Pulivendula was arrested by the CBI in Goa. There is a talk that the case will be fixed in such a fashion saying that Sunil Yadav has spilt the beans.

When it comes to the Jagan Bail case, the CBI has been dragging its feet from time to time. The case has been posted to August 25 after postponing it three times.

The pattern indicates that Jagan will be spared by the CBI in all the cases.