Mamata Didi will lose on May 2 says, Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today predicted that the TMC led by Didi Mamata will be losing the election on May 2 and that the BJP will form the Government with a big majority.

Modi has addressed a Mega rally in Bardhaman and charged that Didi was provoking TMC workers against the Police. He suggested Didi insult him but not the people of Bengal.

Modi opined that the innings of Didi have come to an end. Bengal is craving for a change that is Paribartan he said. The BJP has crossed 100 seats in the 4 phases election Modi announced.

Bengal has ended the Didis Khela he said. Minister for Home Amit Shah has also held rallied here in Bengal and predicted that the TMC is losing the election.

The BJP leaders found fault with the TMC for insulting the Dalits.

Comparing the SC community with beggars was not right the BJP leaders stated. This is a grave insult to Dalits the BJP leaders said.

The Dalits are coming forward to join the BJP in a big way they stated. Didi has done nothing for the welfare of the Dalits they condemned. The BJP has complained about Didi against the remarks that she made against the Dalits.