Minister Malla Reddy is a different man. He always speaks whatever he thinks in mind. He keeps noting in his heart and never goes back in praising people who do good for the society.

In the same fashion, Malla Reddy gave all the credit to the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for providing water connection to every household.

Giving potable pure drinking water to every household was possible with the political will of KCR he praised. Malla Reddy launched the water tanker which was supposed to give water to the local colonies.

Now only drinking water, but water in every form is being provided to the people of Telangana and it was possible due to the political will of KCR. He provided funds for the irrigation projects. He gave funds for Mission Kakatiya and Bageeradha.

Kaleshwaram itself was done with a cost of around Rs 80000 crore. It was possible due to the political will of KCR. No other CM would have done the project of that magnitude.

CM of all the states and the Prime Minister Modi have also praised KCR for his water management and projects.