Major surgery for the Congress party!


A “major surgery” and not depend just on legacy, asserting that the top leadership must give primacy to ideological commitment while giving responsibility to leaders will be the agenda of today’s Congress party crucial meeting.

There could be a new leader being named for the Congress party at the end of the meeting.

There is a talk that the Uttar Pradesh leader’s ideological commitment was suspect from the beginning and the party winning zero seats in West Bengal under his charge showed that the Congress leaders are incompetent.

Some key leaders stated that the top leadership should make a proper assessment of leaders in the party, asserting that “one cannot make people leaders when they do not deserve it”.

The Congress has to rethink and re-strategise some of these things and then only the party can come up, one former Union minister said.

“Properly reorganise the party with proper people in positions and not put incompetent people who cannot deliver. This is a lesson, the Congress needs to make an introspection in the face of the developments.