While the heroes of Tollywood are struggling to start the shootings somehow or the other, Mahesh is one hero who is sitting cool as a cucumber. He is not in a hurry.

Mahesh, in fact, is planning to start the shooting next year may be Sankranthi, if everything falls in line and Corona goes out of sight. His wife Namratha is already planning for producing a web series.

Both Namratha and Mahesh are minting money in the name of endorsements. Parasuram the director of Geeta Govindam is working on the Casino set being erected at the Ramjoi Film city as they cannot go out directly to the Casino due to Corona.

Once the Casino is ready around 30 per cent of the shooting will be done in the set at RFC for Sarkari Vari Pata. The first looks is already our with Mahesh looking th others aside with an ear stud.

The full bound script is ready and Mahesh has already made some suggestions for change in the script. The changes have also been completed. The shooting will start at the earliest in the Cascino.

The entire film industry is waiting to see as to who would start the shooting first in a big way in Hyderabad as no one is prepared to go our of the station in these conditions.