Mahesh likes moms coffee

Mahesh Babu said that he was tensed before the release of Bharat Ane Nenu. He could not control himself while his hands were shivering with a glass of water. Mahesh was calling Devi Sri the music director and then the director Koratala Shiva. Both of them have given positive feedback, but still, the tension continued in his body.

 Mahesh likes moms coffee
The reason being that he had flops earlier. So he had no other option but to visit his mother Indira. She gave him a coffee and talked to him for some time and the movie was also released on his birthday.

Usually, we hear stars talking about star bucks -cappuccino, coffee day, so on and so forth. But Mahesh is moms boy.

After the coffee, his tension was gone. He said, moms, a coffee instilled lot of confidence in him and the result is a blockbuster. The second movie of Koratala Siva with Mahesh is a hit.
 Mahesh likes moms coffeeHe wanted to meet her for the confidence and the coffee changed his mind and got all the relief he wanted. It gave him energy and boosted his confidence.

The day he was feeling low, rushed to his mother, talked to her had coffee and that was the end of this tension.