Prince Mahesh has always been a family man. He has two works one is shooting and the other is his family. Most of the time he spends with his family members and never indulges in other things. Shooting spot and the next is home. Home is everything for him.

Mahesh Babu family

The new house has been built with the ideals and also taste of Narmratha.

He has named her as Sitara. Sitara in Telugu means film star. She is always a star by singing songs and also dancing to the tunes of fathers movies.

She has a lot of fans and who knows she might become a star too in the near future.

For the daughters day he has posted on twitter and called her Sita papa. The star father has expressed his love for his daughter. He also celebrates her birthday in a special way.

Sitaras mother is also a star. Namrita was a model and also a film star till she got married to Mahesh Babu.