Mahasamudram Movie Review- Its an OK movie


The first show of the movie Mahasamudram was received well by the audience in general. Both Siddarth and Sherwanand have done their level best for the movie.

The ladies are Ok with their roles. The first half of the movie has some romance and the songs are Ok. Two heroes coming together makes the movie interesting and it moves forward easily.

Director Bhoopathi has given some interesting twists and turns to the story. Aditi Rao the leading lady has given some stunning moments for the movie. She looks fresh and good.

The music by Chaitan Bharadwaj is also ok. It sounds different and is not routine. The unit has done well in executing the movie. The interesting thing is that AP theatres are running with full capacity from today.

That makes the movie very lucky. The collections will be good for the movie in Telangana and also Andhra Pradesh.