There are rumours that the Congress and BJp along with some small parties may join hands in the background to defeat TRS in the elections. The election is slated for 21st.

Chief Minister and TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao will be campaigning here and the party wants to grab the seat from the Congress at any cost. It was held by the Congress Chief Uttam Kumar earlier before becoming the MP and now the same was given to his wife Padma. She has done some good work in the constituency and is hoping to win easily.

But both the Congress and BJP might lose when the votes get divided. The TRS is banking on the irrigation projects and other welfare schemes that it has been doing for the people here in the state.

But there is a talk that all parties might compromise to defeat the TRS here. The TRS has lost the election here with a slender margin. This time KTR and KCR are working to cover the gap.

They are already plugging the gaps. Palla Rajeshwar Reddy the MLC has been made the in-charge for the election. There is a talk that the result could be like Nizamabad as the people are looking for change to go away from the TRS.

According to the latest survey of the TRS, the BJP has got just 2 per cent of the votes and TRS has got about 54 per cent. The BJP contest will help the TRS here. The Mahakutami experiment as failed all the time. The voters ignored it all the time.