Lyric writer VennelaKanti is no more


Popular song writer Vennnelakanti has died due to heart attack. He is popular for writing songs to dubbing movies. Mostly from Tamil to Telugu, He has also written songs to Aditya 369 done by Balakrishna.

Vennelakanti has written more than 2000 songs so far for the Telugu movies. He is popular in the Telugu and Tamil film industry. Vennelakanti is V Rajeswara Prasad and he used to stay in Chennai.

He died in a Chennai Hospital. Vennelakanti started his career as a Bank employee and later turned into a cinema song writer with the

encouragement of popular villain and character artist Prabhakar reddy.

SP Balasubramanyam also encouraged the writer Vennelakanti. He has written songs for Gajini, Aditya 369,Allari Priyudu, Bjairava Dweepam Basha and other movies which were dubbed into Telugu from Tamil.

He has been a writer since his student days. He is very close to stars like Balakrishna, Chiranjeevi, Rajinikanth, Kamal hassan and others.