I love Modi says Rahul

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress president, has asserted that his political rivalry with Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not extend to hatred. In fact, he said, he feels only love.

“I can have two reactions when they say something about my father who I love, when they abuse me. I can either hate or love even more.

    I love Modi says Rahul

The more they place hurdles before me, the stronger I get. Modijihelps me the most, how can I hate him?” said Mr Gandhi in an interview to Gujarati news channel GSTV. “There is zero anger or hatred in me,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi, who was in Delhi, after wrapping up an intense campaign for the Gujarat assembly elections, is confident that his party is set to reverse the trend of the state choosing BJP for the last 22 years.

“The BJP is afraid in this election,” he said in the interview, his first after being elected unopposed as Congress chief.