I would like to tell the Manik government that BJP will not be cowed down by violence said Amit Shah the party President. The more you spread the mud of violence, the better will the Lotus blossom,” said Shah to a large gathering in Agartala in an election campaign.

Raking up the stats on unemployment, Shah said, “More than 7 Lakh people, out of the 37 Lakh population of Tripura, are registered under unemployment list. The health facilities here are inadequate. This is what was done here in 25 years.”

Lotus will bloom better

“Those in the CPI(M) say, (Tripura) Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is a good man. We know that the unemployment problem is acute here, but they say Manik babu is a good man. What I want to know is, if he is good, why is the condition of the people of the state not so good,” he said.

Shah also claimed that the Left Front government is not changed, Manipur will be reduced to a backward state in terms of protection of women, unemployment and economic development of the poor and the working class.