It is like an entrance test to the MLAs in mobilising the crowd for Mother of all the public meetings. Ministers Harish Rao, KTR, Mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan, Minister Mahendar Reddy, Danam Nagendar, Minister Srinivas Yadav and others are strategising the ways and means to make the meeting a grand success. The city and other districts were also be decked up for the event. Almost about 40 percent of the crowd is already at the venue. The MLAs and Ministers are competing with each other in getting more public for the KCR meeting.

The MLAs know pretty well that the party people and the intelligence is watching as to who is getting how many people from the districts and how they would be taken care in Hyderabad. This will add to their influence in getting the MLA seat. The candidate’s list is ready and KCR may announce it any time in a phased manner.

Ministers Harish Rao

The state has turned pink as if we painted it in Pink. All roads lead to Kongara Kalan via Hyderabad. Streams of vehicles in pink are coming to Kongara Kalan with all enthusiasm.

Hyderabad the city of pearls and Minarets, Hyderabad has turned into a carnival place. You can call it as pink city till Sunday night. It is all decked up for the event. Where ever you see it is a jubilation with pink flags and buntings, posters, banners and all other publicity material.

Outsiders think that it is election time. It is looking as if the elections have already come. All roads in the state lead to Hyderabad. People from 31 districts have started coming to Hyderabad for the September 2 meeting. They want to thank KCR who is giving everything for them.

Pragathi Nivedana Sabha

But mobilising about 25 lakh people is not easy. Telangana Bapu K Chandrasekhar Rao the TRS supremo wants to do that and create history. So far no one could do this in the country. If not exactly 25 lakh, it will be more than 20 lakh, there should be no doubt about this. The Ministers have been instructed to follow this and they, in turn, would suggest the MLAs to mobilise the crowd.

The place is Ibrahimpatnam and is connected to the outer ring road whereby the traffic flow in the city will not be disturbed. The court has given the green signal to the meeting. There will be a separate route for the meeting vehicles. parking place is also perfect. It will not be lorries for transporting the people like earlier times. The public would come from the villages and cities on their own in small vehicles mostly. Some people might as well hire the RTC buses.


To show that the farmers have come in large numbers, tractors are being used for the transport from many nearby villages. Some people are planning to go on the traditional bullock carts as well. The tractors have been decorated with pink tops and KCR photos.

The traffic police are working on a strategy to see that the inlet and outlet for the meeting are clear. The public is scheduled to flow from the noon and after the meeting, they would go away in the night and that would not disturb the regular traffic at all. 1600 acres and 25 lakh people are the target.

TRS Pragathi Nivedana Sabha

The Women have a separate enclosure in the front. LED screens are being used so that the people can see the leaders and KCR properly. KCR has suggested that the last man must also hear him properly and that there should be no chaos and confusion in the sound systems. Lakhs ow water packets and bottles are arranged at the venue of the meeting. KCR is scheduled to address them this evening.