The intelligence reports and the unofficial surveys done by the Chandrababu Naidu have found out that there is no safe seat for his son Lokesh to contest the coming elections. It is better that Lokesh continues as an MLC.

If Lokesh loses then it will have an adverse effect on the TDP and he might lose the Ministery. It is better to be an MLC and then grab the ministry, On the other hand, the talking power of Lokesh is not improving by the time. He spoke well at the BCs meeting, but there is a long way to go. He needs a lot of homework to speak before a big gathering. People say even Babu is not safe in one constituency and that he might opt for connecting in two seats.


A firm based in Jubilee Hills is doing the survey for Babu and his Lokesh for the coming elections. The same firm worked for TRS.

The elections will be very interesting with multi-cornered contests. The BJP, The Congres, The Janasena and the YSRC along with the ruling TDP will be in the contest. YSRC as of now is the second favourite in Andhra. The BJP will use YSRC and JanaSena to trounce Babu. Congress will be hand in glove with Babu from the backdoor.

All said and done the next 60 days are crucial for Babu and his leadership. There are predictions that with the help of BJP, the YSRC might come to power in Andhra Pradesh.