india lockdown

There is a chance that the lockdown could be lifted in some areas where there is no Corona at all. But all the Red signal areas will have the lockdown for another two weeks.

It is learnt that the country will be marked with 3 colours depending on the intensity of the Corona. The more intense areas will be marked as red and the lockdown will be continued there till May one.

However, the Sanitary worker was asked to ee that the sanitation is done on a regular basis across the country depending upon the Corona cases and the areas.

Luv Agarwal the secretary is of the opinion that Prime Minister Modi has took the right decision at the right time and that was the reason the death was low in the country when compared to other foreign countries.

Lockdown is the mantra he said. The people must not venture out t the extent possible and that will protect them from Corona to a greater extent he explained.

Many of the CMs have recommended for continuing the lockdown and Kejriwal the Delhi CM has thanked the Pm Modi for the same.