Liquor home delivery

The Dubai Government has allowed liquor delivery to home as eh bars and hotels were closed due to Corona. Th beer taps are shut and some bottles of beer are being delivered to home these days.

In India, some people have died due to scarcity of liquor. People were seen demanding for quarter bottles in from of the TV cameras. They were ready to pay double the price for the sake of liquor bottles.

Some of them openly declared that they cannot live without liquor anymore. They demanded that the wine shops must be kept open for an hour in the morning or evening.

But liquor is no good for Corona. Luxury hotels and tourism were the worst suffered due to Corona in Dubai. In some shops, tourists were allowed to buy Alcohol in Dubai, while the local residents need permission for home delivery.

But drinking is not legal in Emirates and also Sharjah which are neighbours to Dubai. So we can say that even Dubai is not doing well due to Corona. It all depends on went eh flights keep operating from one country to the other.