Liquor consumption on the rise

Liquor consumption in Telangana is on the rise in Telangana. Both the beer and other forms of liquor are being consumed in a big way here. With Dasara and Deepavali, the consumption is expected to go up further.

Taking this into account the Government of Telangana has decided to set up Walk in wines. So far we have seen people buying liquor in front of the grilled shops and sometimes from the back door.

But now the latest is that you can walk into the store and select whatever you want and then pay at the counter. That is the latest style. In some places like Banjarahillas and Jubileehills, the shops would also have Air conditioning so that the consumes would enjoy the shopping in summer.

Unlike Andhra where the liquor sales is restricted, the Telangana government says that Toddy and liquor are a way of life here. They enjoy it and relax with it.

In some household, kids are also given liquor during the celebrations. Having liquor and dancing to theen maar is the part of Telangana culture. No only for celebrations, but also for mourning while the procession is taken for the funeral and last rites, the people drink and dance.

So in future people can walk in and buy the liquor also in a friendly atmosphere. The rise in price will not deter the consumer from buying the liquor bottles.