Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come up with yet another idea to show the light to the Nation. When the Nation is in distress due to Corona, Prime Minister has suggested that we must put off the lights on Sunday night and then light the amps or candles at 9pm in the night.

This will show the light and solidarity of the Nation against the Corona the Prime Minister opined in his video message today.

earlier that’s were used to sound the nation that we are united to fight against the Corona. That was a great success. Now we have to light the lamps and diyas like Diwali on Sunday night to who that we are united.

We have to put off the current lights. That is putting the power off across the Nation. We will be under the lights that we have lighted on that day during the night.

So all must light the lamps to show the nation and give a message that we are ll one against the Corona. On the other hand, Modi has talked to all the Chief Ministers of the states in a video conference to suggest them more ways and means to arrest the corona across the country.

Today President Ramnath Kovind and Vice President Venkaiah Naidu will be addressing the Governors and also taking stock of the Corona situation int eh country.

The Governors will also be advised to take suitable steps to arrest the situation.