Leave the reservations to the states

TRS MPs today urged the centre through a press conference that the reservations decision must be left to the states as they would be knowing on the local conditions and combinations of the people and population.

The MPs Kavitha, Jithendar Reddy Vinod and Kesava Rao said that they are in support of the no-confidence motion and they are not against it. We are demanding for the reservations from 5th onwards and they are not coming in between the NCM they clarified.

Kavitha said that they are for the special status and package to the AP as promised by the centre and we will support this she said.

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The two states must be developed and the people must be happy she opined. Telangana has got nothing to do with the status of the AP she clarified.

The agitation for the reservations will continue and we will support the NCM if it comes up in the parliament they clarified. The MPs explained that the will never go against the interest of other states and are fighting for the rights of Telangana.

The met today and discussed the strategy to be adopted in the parliament at Pragathi Bhavan under the leadership of KCR.