lawrence srireddy

Lawrence Raghava the dance director and director is all set to give an opportunity to Srireddy who made allegations against him that he used her in Hote Golkonda in Hyderabad. She also said that there were rudrakhas and photos of gods in his Hotel room and that he abused her physically. Lawrence agreed that Srireddy met her during the movie of Rebel in Hyderabad. That is some 7 years ago. He said that there were no rudrakhas or god photos in the hotel room and all that Srireddy saying was trash. He was ready to give her an opportunity and said that she must prove her talent.

Lawrence srireddy

He also wanted people to stop about enquiring on the Srireddy allegations. Whey she did not talk about this all these years and why now he questioned. Lawrence said that he was sympathising for her attitude and was ready to give her a chance in the coming movie. Lawrence also clarified that he was not afraid of the allegations levelled by Srireddy and said that she has all the sympathy for her.Lawrence is the director who had done movies with Nagarjuna and also Prabhas. He has worked with Chiranjeevi and other heroes in the Tollywood. He also acts as a hero. Kaanchana is one of his popular movies.