Lakshmi bombs at box office

Lakshmi Manchu has come up with an film called Lakshmi Bomb after a long time. The film which has Lakshmi Manchu playing a judge’s role has hit the screens .

Lakshmi(Manchu Lakshmi) is a session court judge who announces a severe punishment to a local goon(Prabhakar) on charges of human trafficking. Upset with this, the dreaded gangster attacks Lakshmi with his entire gang and kills her.

Right when you think what is actually happening, yet another Lakshmi comes into the picture and starts taking revenge on these goons.Manchu Lakshmi is the only major attraction of this film.

Lakshmi bombs at box office

Posani Krishna Murali and Hema are decent as Manchu Lakshmi’s parents. The story of the film is quite weird and does not sink with the proceedings showcased. Lakshmi Manchu’s second character and the way she is induced into the plot looks over the top.

Also, the way the director has narrated the film is pretty upsetting. Post the first fifteen minutes, the film disappoints and has nothing much interesting going its way with regular revenge drama becoming the film’s forte.

Production values of the film are below average as the film looks quite dull in many places. Music is just about okay and luckily the songs do not disturb the flow of the film.

Coming to the director Karthikeya, he has done a bad job with the film.

Director : Karthikeya Gopalakrishna
Producers : Vella Mounika Chandrasekhar, Uma Lakshmi Narasimha
Music Director : Sunil Kasyap
Starring : Lakshmi Manchu
Rating : 2.25/5