K Chandrasekhar Rao the CM of Telangana stated that he is not having a formal birth certificate and that he just has a Janmapatrika. He was making a statement in the Assembly against the CAA. KCR told the speaker that if he cannot get the birth certificate how can the poor people who are lakhs in numbers get the birth certificate.

He also ridiculed as to if he is not having a birth certificate from where will he produce the birth certificate of his father. In his fashion lakhs of the poor people are sulking with the announcement of the CAA he told the speaker and also the members in the Assembly.

It is better to make a rethinking over the issue of implementation of the CAA he said. There is an alarming situation in the country over the CAA he said.

There are several issues to be resolved while the Government is hovering around CAA,NPR and other things he stated. It is better to have an ID card at the National level he suggested.

8 states are opposing the move of centre on the CAA he stated. For whose sake is this CAA bill he questioned. What about the poor labour who do not have any papers he asked.

There should be a rethinking over the issue and lot of changes have to come he suggested. The people are not believing the central Government he said.

The report in Parliament says something and the Hoem Minster Amit Shah says something else KCR explained.