Roja Vijayashanthi

Vijayashanthi, the lady superstar popular as lady Amitabh who could not get proper recognition in politics today said that the political parties must not adopt the use and throw system when it comes to films stars. She opined taht Roja who did active campaigning for YSRC should have been rewarded with a cabinet post. She indirectly conveyed that Roja was being used for publicity and that she was not rewarded. 

In the same fashion, Vijayshanti was also was used by the Congress and TRS, but she did not get proper recognition. She was also with the BJP during Advani’s time, but she did not get any big post. It is reported that Jagan the Chief Minister who got reports that Roja was keeping away from YSRC, has summoned her to Amaravathi. He called her personally and talked to her. 

It is learnt that she would be Chairman for Mahila commission and would be assured of a Minister post after two and half years. She has rushed to Amaravathi from Hyderabad. It was good that one lady star has reacted for the other even though they had no talks in recent times.