The rural masses are busy these days buying sexual products more than the city people. They are using the medium of online to buy these products.
Indians are embracing the digital space more and more, and along with that they are becoming more aware of their sexuality and are giving more importance to sexual health and well being.

In a recent study it was established that it’s not the metro cities which are showing the way for this transformation, but instead people in small cities seem more concerned about sexual health, as About 63 per cent of the people living in cities like Nagpur, Surat and Vadodara are comfortable buying a male performance enhancer or female arousal product online.

A survey by e-commerce platform Kinkpin showed that 87% people in small cities were buying sexual wellness products online, while only 32% in metros were buying them offline.

The survey also indicated that women are buying these products more, as 77% of online orders came from women while 73% were from men. When it comes to Tier II cities like Nashi, Pune and Gurgaon, people are spending more on seductive lingerie and lip balm.

Kinkpin co-founder Reetinder Singh said, “The incorporation of adult sex toys in one’s lifetime is becoming less of a taboo and more of an integral addition for most urbane bedrooms.”

The females are using these sexual arousal products, purchased on line and that too mostly from the rural areas.