KTR writes to Union Min Piyush

K Traka Rama Rao the Minister for IT and Industries has suggested to the Union Minister Piyush Goel that this is the right time for the Industries to surge forward. He has written a letter to Union Minister to this extent.

KTR said that this is the right time to improve the production, exports and sales in the industrial sector KTR suggested. He wanted the loans to extended to all stores of the industry s that the production and the productivity improvements in a big way in this period.

The Minister opined that bother state and centre together were able to contain the Covid Virus in a big way. He wanted the central Minister to see that the permissions are given for the import of the latest machinery to add to the industry.

On the other hand, TsiPass has developed the industrial sector in Telangana in a big way. Now the Corona has halted the industrial growth and itis is time to surge forward again.

Union Minister Piyush Goel is close to KTR and he has come to Telangana several times on the invitation of KTR. Letts hope the development will continue in a big way after the lockdown is lifted in the state of Telangana after 7nth May.