TRS working president K Taraka Rama Rao addressed the parliamentarians today at the party office. The idea is to prepare the MPs for raising the issues in the parliament to resolve the issues of the state of Telangana.

Earlier KTR in Delhi also raised the issues of funds were not granted to the state of Telangana. The TRS wanted the centre to treat the Kaleshwaram project as a national project and that the funds should be allocated in a big way to all the projects being taken up in the state.

There is a widespread opinion that the centre was not allocating funds properly to the state Government from time to time.

KTR has suggested that the MPs fight out in the parliament over the injustice being meted to the Government of Telangana. He also advised the MPs that they must do proper homework before taking up the issues in the parliament.

He was also of the opinion that they must be able to draw the attention of the speaker and also the Prime Minister over the impending issues that the state has been facing.