IT minister KT Rama Rao is all set to take on Trump the USA President and his misrule. KTR who was in USA earlier knows the conditions there and now he is fully aware of the situation after the new President imposed all kinds of restrictions.

KTR said that he is aware of the troubles being faced by the Telugu people and also the Telangana employees in particular in America and developments after Trump came into power. He said that issue will be taken up Via centre and for that he is ready to lead a delegation to USA if needed.

KTR set to fight Donald Trump

K.T. Rama Rao said he would lead a delegation of representatives of the IT sector in the state and related organisations to the Centre, seeking measures to protect the interests of the industry in the wake of US President Donald Trump’s statements on H1B visa and proposed legislation in the US Congress.

Speaking to media Rama Rao said the TS government would ask Indian business leaders and IT companies in the US, who were well-wishers of the state, to protect the industry which was India’s second biggest exporter of IT goods.

He said there was nothing much to worry about Trump’s statements as there was an established system in the US, and all policies would get through only after serious discussions in Congress.

KTR set to fight Donald Trump

IT giants have already geared up to fight the decisions of Trump. Twitter is pooling money to taken on Trump already. The court has already stalled his decision for the time being. KTR is already in the midst of developing Telangana in IT sector. He has plans ready for the same, but the Trump restrictions have put a temporary break for them.

But KTR is confident that he would face the challenge and see to it that Trump will not have his way in the near future.