KTR remembers Revanth Reddy

KTR-, revanth

Revanth Reddy is in hibernation these days. Revanth almost went underground and is waiting for an opportune time to strike back at the TRS top brass. The other day he was reviewing the availability of the sarees to be distributed to the ladies for the Bathukamma. Last time there a hue and cry on the quality sarees being bought from Surat. Now during the review with officials, it was found that a number of sarees were needed for the Dasara festival. At this juncture, KTR pointed out the name of Revanth and reminded as to who he criticised the Government for no fault.

ktr, revanth

He wanted the officials to take all the precautions to see that the quantity and quality of the sarees arranged for the festival. There must be no complaints he warned the officials. On the other hand, KTR is maintaining a low key for his birthday on Tuesday. He has also tweeted his fans and followers not to waste money on the celebrations and instead help someone in the process. He wanted the same amount to go to the CM relief fund.

KTR always kept a low profile and never craved for publicity. He is striving for the development of Telangana in general and the Hyderabad in particular. The people have voted him overwhelmingly during the Municipal election and he gave the results in the form of development. Now all the footpath encroachments are being removed in the city.