K Taraka Rama Rao the IT Minister said that the BJP is nothing but Bharatiya Jhoota Party. It is not Achche din but Sachche din(death) said KTR. He was addressing an election meeting along with Talasani Srinivas Yadav at Sanathnagar here in Hyderabad.

There are no good days, it is all bad days for the common man he said. These are days where Modi is not allowing us to take our own money from our own bank accounts he said.

KTR also found fault with the statement that the centre gave a lot of funds to Telangana. He reminded the Later NTR who said that without the states there was no centre. The centre takes from the states and gives them back KTR reminded.


People are not going to banks and they are stashing money at home like the olden days he explained. The BJP is in no position to win their own 5 sitting seats KTR remarked. The BJP must also know that they have also dissolved the governments earlier and now they are pointing a finger against the TRS he said.

If they go for elections it is right and if we go for elections it is a waste of money. This is nothing but double standards KTR pointed out. He also ridiculed Kishan Reddy for making tall claims and coming to power in Telangana.

Kishan Reddy could not win a corporate seat in his Amberpet KTR pointed out. All the BJP leaders are seeing Mungerilal Ke Sapne KTR ridiculed. It is like Mungerilal they are just dreaming big and they will not even get their own seats back KTR concluded.